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Ballon D'Or 2014 - Cristiano, Messi and Ribéry

By Cool Sport Events 19 December 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Balon de oro 2014


After a great deal of controversy regarding the election by FIFA of this years Ballon D'Or, the date of the disclosure is almost here. The winner will be revealed on January 13th in the "Kongresshaus" in Zürich.

The controversy started with some unfortunate declarations made by FIFA's president, Joseph Blatter, during a conference in the University of Oxford. While comparing Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, he said "I like both players, but I prefer Messi". As one can expect, these words led to a wide variety of negative reactions and one can only wonder, what on earth Mr. Blatter was thinking when he decided to show his preference for one of the nominees in a public act, that being the president of the entity handing out the coveted prize.

Furthermore a classified FIFA document with orientation for the voters about the election has appeared, in which they use grandiloquent words and sentences to describe Messi, whereas they are much more discrete when talking about Cristiano. The number of goals he has scored in international competitions are not mentioned nor the ones he has scored for Portugal's national team and they even mention that Messi has scored more goals than him in the spanish league. When describing Messi, no comparisons with other players are made...

On the 29th of November and after the controversy, FIFA suddenly decided to extend the timeframe for voting the Ballon d'Or, allowing that way that the hat-trick Cristiano scored with his national team against Sweden, classifying Portugal for the World Cup, can influence voters in their choice. Cristiano has declared, that he has no intention of going to the ceremony in Zürich, although he does say he has room for the trophy at home, so the controversy and tension are ongoing and we cannot wait till the 13th of January to finally know the end of this story!

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