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1st Boxing interclub Barcelona

By Cool Sport Events 14 August 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

first boxing interclub Barcelona


Hi Coolers!


We’re really proud to be one of the sponsorships for the 1st Boxing Interclub between different boxing clubs of the Baix Llobregat area (Barcelona) held at Hop Hop Gym in Barcelona.


This “tournament” was made between different boxing clubs of Barcelona and it’s a way to show how the sport of Boxing is growing in the area. We’re really happy to be members and sponsors of the Hop Hop Gym and together make grow this sport who is attracting more fans every day.  


The tournament was on Saturday 20/july Every club taking part in this exhibition brought some of their members to participate in it, and everybody can come to watch and enjoy it. We want to give a BIG thanks to our friends from Hop Hop Gym, one of the most important and growing Boxing club in Barcelona.


Cool Sport and Events sponsors different sport activities and this time was a Boxing Interclub. Which one will be the next one?? On the 20/august we will be at a friendship football game between FC Chauray (France) against CFA Esplugenc (Spain)… See you there!

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