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Eliminated from the Champions League

By Cool Sport Events 2 May 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Barcelona and Real Madrid Champions League 2013


Real Madrid scored two goals in the last 10 minutes of party that made to believe in the recovery.


The Borussia Dortmund lives through a historical night and turns into the first finalist of Champions League


Real Madrid was dreaming of one of these historical nights of recovery in the Bernabéu and to point it was of its sleep was fulfilled. It remained to a goal of being in the final with this sensation of every morning when the alarm clock sounds and is sick to the reality.


Of course, Madrid waited up to the last eight minutes of party to begin making real this sleep of the recovery that in the end was truncated.


Up to the minute 82, the white team was not far, if not very far of Wembley, but Benzema marked 1-0 in this minute and the madness began.


Sergio Ramos put 2-0 in the minute 88 and hence up to the final whistle, everything what it spent there were hurries and nerves, many nerves in the step and in the field.


The recovery, the final was there, was seen by clarity, but it was not going so far as to touch. Neither for Madrid nor for the Borussia Dortmund that there could not bear the final arreón of the targets that to point was of turning round him to the qualifying round.


Real Madrid marked on Tuesday, the two goals in the last ten minutes of party in the Santiago Bernabéu and it was very close to mending the qualifying round before the Borussia of Dortmund, which made cost 4-1 harvested in the going to qualify for the final of the Champions League.


The FC Barcelona will not play the final of the Champions League. On May 25, in Wembley, they will face the Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, which it has overcome the set FCB for a whole of 7-0 in the qualifying round and which this Wednesday has gone away of Camp Nou with a new victory over the FCB (0-3).


Without Messi, the set of Tito Vilanova has tried the recovery in the first part, but somewhat of Robben to the beginning of the second one it has stopped solving the qualifying round. In the end, the Bayern has set on itself for 0-3 - Piqué goals in proper door and Müller - and has confirmed the first German final of the history

of the Champions League.


Tito Vilanova's men did not go home to the desperate and went in search of the goal through play that characterizes them: Touch and combination. However, Bayern pressed the Barça ball out and when recovering fast out on the counter. And one of those was about to get the sentence when Schweinsteiger, with a superb assist Robben first touch allowed the Dutch running to stand alone against Valdes, but Pique arrived in time to disrupt the occasion.

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