Sport Groups



We specialize in all kinds of group sports, as much as for those who want to come to practice their favourite sport events in Spain as for those who wish to enjoy the show live!


Our own packages and tickets to different sports events and teams are available, such as FC Barcelona or Real Madrid matches amongst others. Catalonia and Valencia F1 Grand Prix, Moto GP, handball, etc. are also available.


We would also like to emphasize that we are specialists in managing professional teams during their stay in Spain, such as FC Kopenhaguen during their stay in Barcelona for the Champions League match against FC Barcelona and the directors of the Red Bull F1 Team in Valencia for the F1 Grand Prix.


Also note worthy is our extensive experience in managing sports events camps throughout the year in Spain. We have good contacts to manage campus or summer training as well as organizing friendly matches and training against local teams(and professionals) around Spain.


As a unique surprise for your VIP groups, we can offer some extras that few people can provide you with, for example, a ride in the official FC Barcelona bus, original personalized and signed by the player of your choice shirts with a special dedication if requested, meeting with one of the players, etc.